Gifts that give back

Gift boxes for your loved ones that need a lift

Our gift boxes are thoughtfully prepared by young adults with unique abilities, and can be delivered throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland


We can deliver your gift directly to a large selection of hospitals in the Vancouver Coastal Health area. Our gift can be a great way to make someones day!

Care Homes

We can deliver your gift directly to a large selection of senior care facilities in the Vancouver Coastal Health area. Give the senior in your life something to show you’re thinking of them

Direct To Recipient

Whether for special occasions or for someone recovering at home, we can deliver your gift directly to residential addresses in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Our Story

Talemio was inspired by 2 young men who wanted to contribute to society. Like these men, many young adults living with Neuro-diverse conditions, such as autism and varying developmental delays, encounter difficulties as they make the transition from the protected environment of high school to the workforce. They commonly struggle to find purposeful work in a safe environment that is sustainable.

Our products are assembled and distributed by such young adults. It is our goal to ensure that these women and men are provided with real jobs for real pay.

Talemio gift boxes ensure high quality products that will benefit both the unique individuals who make them and the consumers who purchase them. This way, we can create positive and lasting connections that will further reduce barriers.

Some Of Our Bestsellers

New Mom Gift Box


Women’s Senior Comfort Gift Box


Women’s DELUXE Comfort Gift Box


Youth DELUXE Comfort Box | Ages 9 to 14 years


Children’s DELUXE Comfort Box | Ages 3 to 8 years

What are Worry Gobblers?

Our handmade Worry Gobbler is made for your child with love. This soft, snuggly, friendly creature is designed to help take away fears and worries. Simply write down any worries that your child tells you they have and feed them to this endearing little Stuffy. While your child sleeps, you can respond with an encouraging note like “You got this” or “You are so brave”, for them to find from the Gobbler in the morning. This little gobbler can’t wait to go home with you!


A great gift idea for...

Receiving the gift box from Talemio after the birth of my son was an absolute blessing. The moment I opened it, I was overwhelmed with joy. The attention to detail and thoughtfulness poured into every item made it truly special. From the beautifully curated contents to the elegant packaging, it was evident that each piece was chosen with care. This gift box not only brightened my day but also served as a reminder of the kindness and support that surrounded me during this time. Thank you, Talemio, for creating such a heartfelt gift that brought so much happiness to my family.

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