About Us

Our Goal is to create positive and lasting connections

Our Story

Talemio was inspired by 2 young men who wanted to contribute to society. Like these men, many young adults living with Neuro-diverse conditions, such as autism and varying developmental delays, encounter difficulties as they make the transition from the protected environment of high school to the workforce. They commonly struggle to find purposeful work in a safe environment that is sustainable.

Our products are assembled and distributed by such young adults. It is our goal to ensure that these women and men are provided with real jobs for real pay.

Talemio gift boxes ensure high quality products that will benefit both the unique individuals who make them and the consumers who purchase them. This way, we can create positive and lasting connections that will further reduce barriers.

Talemio, pronounced Tale-mio, was founded by two women who each bring multiple layers of valuable experience to this company.

Sheree Bishop

Sheree Bishop is the mother of an amazing young man with autism. Sheree’s many years of experience of working as a hands on, patient entered, primary healthcare administrator, has provided her with unique perspectives on what children, adults and the elderly need in times of difficulty. This knowledge has enabled her to carefully choose the contents of each gift box.  She is also a strong advocate for unique learners and fully understands the importance of supporting these young adults as they enter the workforce.

Bohdanna Popowycz M.Ed BCBA

Bohdanna Popowycz M.Ed BCBA is a Board certified Behaviour Analyst with over 30 years’ experience in the field of autism. One of her greatest passions is working with teens and young adults. She has been involved in running several successful centers and understands the need for supporting adults with unique abilities,  and delivering curated and exceptional products that will provide comfort and love.

Julia Bishop

Julia Bishop is a Bachelor of Science student at the University of British Columbia Majoring in Biology, with a special interest in Neurobiology and a Minor in Psychology. She is also the sister of a young adult who is on the Autism Spectrum.

Julia has always been actively involved in helping and supporting her brother as he has faced the many challenges of everyday living with unique learning abilities. In the last several years this has also come to include Ian’s training and employment in the Talemio Unique Gift Company and supporting the admin staff with various tasks.  Julia is working with great passion and dedication in helping all of the young adults employed by Talemio to value the reliability of their regular employment, that they have a safe work environment and to understand that they are doing something that is meaningful.